Thomas Aitken and Kate Hyde collaborate on ceramics that unite Thomas’s strong forms and Kate’s interest in colour and surface embellishment.

This work is designed to be both highly practical and visually intriguing. Their eclectic and playful imagery reference a variety of sources including the history of ceramics, theatre, poetry and textiles.

Kate Hyde synthesizes centuries-old traditions in the creation of a world of her own, thus conveying her conception of theatre as a space where fantasy is not only allowed but welcomed.”—Karine Tsoumis, curator, The Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Aitken’s work celebrates the functional object, its history and associations. Each piece of his hand-produced porcelain is intended to delight the eye, to please the touch and to satisfy the owner through time. He makes a full range of tableware, accessories and accepts commissions on a regular basis. His work is microwave and dishwasher safe.